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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Getting Acquainted

Cinque Terre, in the Italian Riviera Posted by Hello

Well, yesterday the NIAF head organizer for the trip to Italy I'm going on in May sent everyone in the group a list of each other's emails, as well as creating a Yahoo board so we can all get acquainted, exchange Facebooks and AIM names and such.

It really has alleviated any nervousness I had been experiencing of not knowing anyone. Everyone has been incredibly nice (I mean none of us know each other, so we're all in the same boat) And what's fascinating is the wide spectrum of people that are going. There's a guy from Harvard, a girl who's a member of a rock band in Texas, a lifeguard from California; people who have traveled extensively and speak other languages, including Italian (one guy is fluent in Italian) and then many who haven't even left the United States.

I think I'm probably going to be one of the youngest people on the trip, at 18. Though I'm not at all bothered by this, because I never have paid much attention to age. The youngest is probably going to be this girl, who I have yet to meet, who was born in 1987, meaning she either just turned 18 or is still 17.

I also am so excited because I had no idea, first of all, that one of the cities we're going to be spending a lot of time in, La Spezia, is actually part of the Italian Riviera. Provincia Liguria, which along with Tuscany is the other provice we're going to be seeing, is part of the Italian Riviera. I also didn't know that we're going to be going outside of La Spezia to famous Riviera spots like Cinque Terre (pictured above). Don't worry, I had no idea where Cinque Terre or La Spezia were before this trip myself!

I still have to finalize plans for the three days I'm adding onto my trip. I'm planning on just staying in Rome, since there's so much to see and do there, and going and staying in Florence or Milan or something would be so far out of the way, since I have to return anyway to fly home from Rome. However, many others are doing this, including one lucky girl who's going to Sicily. But I'm throwing some coins into the Trevi Fountain while I'm there, so I make sure I return, to Rome at least! I do plan on perhaps going to visit my Italian relatives in Campobasso, a small city in the center of Italy. I need to get in contact and make plans regarding that. From Rome, by train it takes about 2.5 hours.

I'm definitely excited!


  • At 3:30 PM, April 16, 2005, Blogger Psi-Lord said…

    That's all so really exciting! =) The way you always talk about the trip and everything is always so full of details that makes me feel nervous, too, hehehe. And I'm really looking forward to your impressions when you get there, especially of the days you spent there on your own. That's also because there's this Brazilian friend of mine who now lives in Venice (I may've talked about him before), and, when he got to Italy, he spent some days in Milan and just hated everything and everyone; however, knowing him like I think I know, I'm totally sure he was on the edge or having a mental breakdown from the stress he'd been experiencing before his own trip, and I'm also sure he didn't really want to try and be nice towards people either, which means that, if he hated it that much, I'm sure there's much he is to blame for, hehe.


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