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Friday, April 01, 2005

Those Little Oval Stickers...

Hmm, where was I when this craze hit? Posted by Hello

Apparently I must have been sleeping for the past four years à la Rip van Winkle, because those little oval Euro decal stickers you see everywhere apparently have been popular since 2001. Though I swear I only noticed them about 8 months ago. Maybe the trend took longer to get to Florida, who knows.

Anyway, since I started noticing them, I've noticed these things everywhere. Maybe you have one on your own car.

I had no idea until I looked it up online how crazy it had gotten. I thought these were only made for countries (GB, NL, D, I, etc) but apparently the situation had been hijacked quickly and turned into advertisements for cheap tourist destinations here in the US. Now you can personalize one putting whatever incomprehensible abbreviation you want on it. Like it wasn't bad enough trying to decode people's vanity plates right?

I think the original ones for the countries are still really cool, since it's akin to Euro import car lovers who buy those German replica plates to put on the front ends of their VWs and Audis.

These little oval stickers in fact orginated in Europe as a mandatory badge EU citizens had to put on their cars before the EU nations went over to putting the citizen's nationality on the plate along with the EU star wreath emblem. So they're no longer used. Instead of having to plop a big NL on your car to say you're a citizen of the Netherlands, it's now conveniently located on your tag. Looks a lot better too. I must say, the yellow color in use in Britain, France, and the Netherlands (and other EU nations but these are the ones I know of) are quite an attention getter. Germany, the biggest car loving country of them all, has much more eye pleasing plates.

I just want to know then where the heck I've been if these things have been around for so long.

Well, the stickers have served one useful purpose: they give you something to think about as you try and decode the cryptic message on the back of the Windstar in front of you while in gridlock...


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