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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Che penso...

Campobasso, la città della mia famiglia italiana Posted by Hello

I thought today it would be nice to post up a picture not of a famous Italian landmark, but rather of one of my ancestral hometowns. This picture is of Campobasso, which is located in central Italy. In fact, of all my ancestral hometowns, this is pretty much the farthest north it gets in Italy. About 3/4 of my ancestors of my paternal grandmother's side came from this one town.

This is in fact where many of my cousins, on my Gennarelli side, happen to live. This one particular branch emigrated not only to the US but also to Canada and Argentina.

Anyway, it's really a great desire of mine to one day be able to visit all the places my ancestors came from. I won't have time on this trip, unfortunately. It's about a three hour train ride from Rome to Campobasso, and I only have three days. But I'll get there eventually, along with Naples, Calabria, and Sicily.

Today I received my Lonely Planet Rome guidebook in the mail, three days earlier than expected. I love

I'm still awaiting the receipt of my final itinerary from the NIAF. We were supposed to have it on May 1. The it was supposed to be here no later than the middle of last week. Believe me, the irony of an Italian-American organiaztion being disorganized and behind schedule is not lost on me... Now, if it was the National Swiss-American Founation, I'm sure it would have been here by now!

I've been having so much fun reading Sweety's blog She's in Rome at this very moment and has been updating her blog from there. It's so exciting to think I'm going to be in that same spot myself in less than a month. Incidentally, she's staying in the same area as I'm staying, near the Piazza di Spagna.

On another note, to expand upon Italian fashion... how can Italians afford some of this stuff? Sure, I go looking out of curiousity on Dolce and Gabbana yesterday, and I found this really nice Italia shirt. Of course, they don't exactly give prices on there (it's one of those "if you have to ask, you can't afford it" things) So I used my friend Froogle just to get an idea... OK, if a pair of underwear is going for $70, I don't think I want to know what the shirt costs!

I think I can see now how 67% of Italian men stay at home with their parents until around the age of 34... that's how they afford it!

In other news, I signed up at the local Gold's Gym today now that I'm off from school. I had a week off primarily because last Tuesday, right before I finished working out, I was putting a 100 lb plate (that's 45.5 kg for my metric friends) on a dip belt, and right before I got it on the thing wobbled over and right onto my left big toe. So I was in quite a lot of agony last week. I miss one week and I feel like I've been lacking something in my day. So I'm quite excited about getting back in tomorrow.

When I get my itinerary, I'll post it up so you can all see the fun places I'll be seeing and the interesting things I'll be doing... I bet you can't wait!


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