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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

New Luggage and Airline Food

The Beloved TSA Posted by Hello

Yeah, I know... only I would get excited about buying new luggage. But it's still so exciting. I never before had my own set of luggage.

Saturday my mother and sister came across a bunch of Samsonite luggage at over half price at Ross, a department store here where you wind up getting these huge discounts all on name brand stuff. I mean I guess it's a season old, but whoop-dee-do, right? Oh my suitcase is last season's!

Anyway, I wound up getting a 30" and a matching carry on, plus a leather Samsonite messenger tote for $250 total. The price of this season's version of the model of my luggage I just bought (which looks exactly identical) is $320. So I'm traveling in style... and I got a deal! Shopping is always made better when you get a huge deal.

But there's something I've noticed about women, at least every woman I happen to know, and that is they'll buy something that's on sale just for the sake that it's on sale. Never mind that you don't really need it. It's on sale! This alone could explain the success behind Wal-Mart...

Anyway, a thought passed into my mind today when I was thinking of securing my luggage: I remembered that since September 11, it's much more common for the TSA (The Transportation Safety Administration) to go rummaging through your luggage. And of course, you need to lock your luggage. So if my luggage happened to be pulled, what would happen?

Well, I guess I'm not the only one who asks this question, because on their website , along with advice on "what shoes to wear" is a FAQ page which mentions that you should buy one of two approved varieties of locks... Locks that they can easily open without bringing out the jaws of life and ruining your lock and suitcase in the process.

It still bothers me though to think that without my knowledge I could have people rummaging through my stuff. And even worse are the stories I've heard of some shady TSA agents (they don't particularly make a fortune doing what they're doing after all) stealing stuff from people's luggage. Nothing more reassuring than knowing someone's going through your underwear, right? I guess that's a concession we all made in the name of safety. It makes more sense than the old question they used to ask: "Did you pack your own bags?" Well, I'm sure any terrorist who intended to blow up a plane with a bomb in a suitcase certainly would have... That was pretty much the only frontier that used to have to be crossed for checked luggage.

I love some of the stuff they feel they have to mention on their "Permitted and Forbidden Items" list. So I guess that clears up the question of me bringing my favorite ice pick, throwing stars, and meat cleaver aboard the plane with me to Rome...

I stumbled on this site several months ago when randomly browsing the internet... it's called Airline, a site devoted to publishing travelers' personal photos of the food they serve aboard each airline. It's amazing to note the difference in service among the classes: the bourgeoisie up in First and Business class get five course meals... the proletariat in coach gets a box meal... if you're lucky! When I'm the person sitting in Business Class someday I won't be complaining.

Anyway, I'll leave you today with my favorite selection, this culinary masterpiece from Air Botswana... mmm... radioactive Kool-Aid!

Bon app├ętit!


  • At 4:34 AM, May 03, 2005, Anonymous Kim said…

    You know what's even more embarressing? When at Schiphol they gothrough your luggage when you are standing next to it and they take out a toy that you thought you hid so well... That was the moment I promissed myself to never take such toys on holiday again with brand new boyfriends.

  • At 6:42 AM, May 05, 2005, Blogger Sweety said…

    LOL what Kim said :))

    You know this reminds me of our flight from LA to NYC... i might have to post about that :)

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