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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Un momento...

We had time in the town of Vernazza to stop at an internet café, so I figured it would be nice to write up something, since typing into a cell phone is tedious!

Today was our last day in the Cinque Terre, and we got to start it off hiking... and I and several others nearly plummeted off several times. Twice for me. The ledges were weak and gave way; nothing more than scrapes, thankfully. What an experience!

Tomorrow we leave and go to Tuscania... the way this trip has been going, it has been a surprise a minute, so who knows what we are going to do there. It has really been fun, with some craziness that I will definitely elaborate on when I get home and am not spending 15 cents a minute in an Internet café! It is so interesting to use this Euro spec keyboard, by the way!

Oh and to everyone, about the bed, I will say this much: yep, I am certainly sleeping on that thing; and the floor is not something I would want to sleep on. I definitely would take the chairs! Auntie is so right, the story I have to tell is interesting indeed... more to come when I get back!

I am so glad you all have been checking in, I have really been loving posting to it and am so glad I have my cell phone! I really loved Cinque Terre but I can't wait to get back to Rome! After sleeping on a chair for five nights, I think my sense of comfort has been skewed! A hotel is going to be amazing... Oh, and if you could only see the huge trek we have to the Sancturary every single time we have to leave and come back; it's about a 3/4 mile journey allll the way up!

OK, I'm going to get going for now, keep checking in because I am definitely going to keep posting!

Ciao a tutti!


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