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Monday, June 13, 2005

The Story of the Chair-Bed

I figured I should really tell this tale, because every time people see my picture of my chair-bed in Cinque Terre, their interest is piqued. Plus I promised I'd explain from when I took the picture on my cell phone two weeks ago, so here we go:

We arrived from Rome on Thursday, May 26, at about 12 AM (so it was pretty much the 27th) Why we got there so late is a story in itself. We arrived at the base of the mountain in the pitch darkness, after having stopped 20 minutes before further down the mountain because of a couple of passionate-filled young Italians who were, um, well let's just say they were naked in their car, which they parked in the middle of the road. The bus driver had a great deal of fun, shining his brights on the car and nearly 3/4 of the group piling out onto the road to see the couple get out of there faster than you can say Andiamo!

So we had to load up all our luggage onto this little lawnmower powered tram-thing which brought everyone's bags up to the top. After a 3/4 mile hike up to the top, we found that we then had a further hike to wherever our cabins/villas/cottages/whatever you want to call them were. The main Sanctuary building, which was the cleanest and nicest, went to a majority of the girls (who later dubbed it The Convent, because at 11:30 the doors were padlocked. Not exactly an ideal situation should a fire arise or anything...

The rest of the five girls got the closest cottage, which was about 100 feet from the main building and the ideal location. Everyone else got to start hiking up the mountain some more.

Well, long story short, I wound up getting placed in the farthest, most remote cottage, and had to carry two bulky pieces of luggage about another mile up the mountain in the pitch black of night, on tiny narrow pathways that had no ledge, so if you tripped, down the mountain you went.

So we open the door to supposed home sweet home, and the first thing greeting me is a 4 inch long scorpion crawling on the wall. So I had the honors of getting a pan out of the cupboard and exterminating it. The scorpion seemed to be sharing the cabin with a healthy population of moths, mosquitoes, and various other bugs. It also for some weird reason was like 90 degrees in there, presumably because the entire building had one single 12 inch window.

By the time I showered, it was about 2 AM, and I certainly wasn't tired; one other roomate of mine had gone up to see the guys in the nearest cabin, whose cabin apparently was just as bad, and they refused to sleep in it; so being that I wasn't tired, I joined my friends Josh and John in going down the mountain to see how everyone else was faring.

Long story short, the girls in the one cottage took mercy on us and let us stay there. John didn't want to, so he went back up to his cabin. But Josh and I stayed; and came up with the chair bed idea. Which actually was more comfortable than it looked, I must add; and even if it wasn't it was far better and more comfortable than being at the tip top of the mountain in a 90 degree cabin with monster scorpions.

No, in this one we instead had two dead pet scorpions in the flourescent light fixture, who the girls had already named Rocco and Stanley...

And people have asked why I didn't sleep on the floor instead. Well, I would have, provided that the floor wasn't crawling with bugs of other kinds (including scorpions) and wasn't a concrete floor that was filthy from the dirt everyone tracked in on their shoes!

So there you have it! I put an end to the undying question of why I slept for five days on a chair!


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