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Friday, July 15, 2005

Off for the weekend...

After a rather hectic week (which explains the lack of updates, even though I've had plenty to write about) I'm really looking forward to getting away this weekend. We're going to be going to Disney this weekend. For Floridians it can be pretty accessible and affordable, since you figure we don't have airfare or any of that stuff to worry about. Anyway, we usually go three or four weekends a year as sort of mini-weekend getaways.

We haven't actually taken a large vacation in the summer in a few years now, because we started getting in the habit of going at Christmastime (which I like better) The destination of choice this year really floored me, because I didn't expect it at all. We're going to... Hawaii! Aloha!

We just got our confirmations in the mail today, and I'll post more on that when I return from this weekend away, but needless to say that my entire family is incredibly excited. My stepdad is afraid to fly, which is so amusing because he acts like nothing ever bothers him, but you can tell that the thought of 12 hours on an airplane makes him nervous. If anything should give him "sky legs" (ok that really doesn't exist but I don't know of an appropriate counterpart to "sea legs") it's this trip!

As for this weekend, I'm really excited to just get out of town. Even if the weather continues to be godawful, at least we're in a definite change of scenery.

I personally derive my own odd form of entertainment whenever we go over there, because as you know I love languages. Well, Disney is pretty much crawling with foreign tourists at any time of year, but especially the mid to late summer and the winter months. So I love trying to pick out all the different languages I hear, and if I can understand them, that's even better. Spanish is always the most common one... in some cases I've gone and I've heard more Spanish spoken in one day than English!

Oh and how I'm still alive and able to write this right now is probably by the grace of God or something, because it turns out Thursday I wound up driving a round trip total of 100 miles on a flat tire. Apparently while heading to school I ran over debris in the road or something, because when I left the house my tires were all fine. But five minutes into the drive, my car was starting to fishtail, which I attributed to driving at expressway speeds on the wet parkway. But then coming home it was extremely bad, and at one point when I made a turn I nearly slid into a minivan because the rear of the car gave (again I thought it was because the roads were extremely wet because it was pouring... which certainly didn't aid the situation)

But then I pull into the garage and get out, and the rear tire is as flat as a pancake. How I didn't kill anyone or myself is a miracle. And how the rim didn't even get damaged is also amazing. So that saved me from having to buy a new one from Volkswagen for like $250.

I give that car credit, because even with a flat rear tire, it handled better than my old car.


  • At 6:07 PM, July 15, 2005, Blogger KissMyA$$ said…

    WOW hey haven't read ur blog in a while nice to know ur busy awesome!!!! Have fun......

  • At 1:50 AM, July 21, 2005, Blogger Psi-Lord said…

    Okay, which hurricane has blown you away from Earth now? =Þ It's been ages since I last heard from you… Hope everything's alright, though.


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